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Sunday, 19 May 2024
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Mixed youth choir that was founded in 1996. In time of its existence the choir had a lot of concerts in Slovakia and abroad, too. The choir had conderts in Finnland, Austria, Swizerland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic etc. The choir was more times participant of International Music Festivals in Europe and in Cantonigros in Spain was awarded by Special Price, in Holland was it awarded by 2 silver and one bronze medals.

The choir has more CDs and it presented its choral art in Slovak TV and radio. In the last regional choral festival of youth choirs in Vranov nad Topľou was the choir awarded by golden range.

The choir has in repertoire the compositions of various style époques and arranged folksongs, songs written by teachers of Music School etc. The choir is one of organizer of International Choral Festival in Vranov n.T.

The conductors are Vilma Krauspeová and Juraj Libera. 

The conductor of choir Mrs.Vilma Krauspeová is often member of international juries and the vice-president of the Association of the Slovak Choirs. The choir is member of International choral Federation Europa Cantat and member of Association of of Slovak Choirs.


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