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Thursday, 20 February 2020
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This is the youngest choir of Choral Society Ozvena. The choir has arisen in September 2004 and all boys are students of Private Music School.

The choir was first time presented in Christmas concerts in Pre?ov and Vranov. In May sung the boys in concerts in Náchod in Bohemia, in March 2006 in Poznaň Poland and in July 2006 at the Festival of Sea and Music in Klaipéda, Lithuania and in autumn 2007 in the International Music Festival in Ruse, Bulgaria. The choir is member of uPeri Cantores Federation and in April 2007 was participant of Pueri Cantores festival in Ru?omberok in Slovakia. The Boy?s choir is every year the participant of International Choral Festivals in Vranov n.T.

The boys choir cooperates with boys choirs from Poland, Lithuania, Estonia etc.

In May 2007 the choir has competed in Regional Choral competition of children choirs and it was awarded by golden range.

The choir has in its repertoire the compositions of more style epochs but the boys like to sing also the songs written by teachers of Private Musical School and songs from operettas, sacral compositions and arranged folk song, too.

The Boys' choir cooperates with all choirs of society Ozvena but most with the Man group of the Mixed Youth choir where the boys pass after their mutation. The conductor is Mrs. Vilma Krauspeová.

The boys sing often compositions with the men of the youth choir. The choir is one of two boys choirs in Slovakia and has a great importance in the area of the boys singing in our country.

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